KIDS BIBLE STUDY – The Armour of God

Kids Bible Study - The Armour of God

Before I share what we did in our Kids Bible Study – The Armour of God, I would like us to take a look at an important question…

Why should kids study the Bible?

I remember going to Sunday School as a child and I truly believe that if it wasn’t for that teaching (and growing up in a Christian home) in my early years of life, I wouldn’t be where I am today.
We all know how important it is for us, as adults to read the Word and study the Scriptures to be able to hear from God; it is just as important for kids to gain a clear understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ by learning it for themselves.
Our kids need to have an understanding of the redemptive story of Christ so that they may walk in His ways when they are older. And also so they can have an appreciation for it now, while they are young.
Making sure our kids are grounded in Christ by having Scripture in their hearts and minds, means that they will be able to face any challenges they have in life with contentment and joy. I want my kids to be able to live in the hope of the Gospel instead of being caught up in the ways of the world.

How do kids study the Bible?

This all depends on the ages and ability of your kids. Our kids range from 5-11yrs and all have their own learning style so I had to find activities that would cater to all their needs, and keep them all interested. Some of our learning times are separated into two groups – The older 2, who are 11 and 10, and the younger 2, who are 7 and 5, however there are times when we like to do our learning together so finding things that fit them all is a bonus for us.

We had so much fun with this study and used various different resources to bring the Scriptures to life but our main resource for the 3 eldest kids was the Armour of God Lapbook from Thinking Kids Press!

Should I teach my kids about Spiritual Warfare?

Yes! It is very important for our kids to know that we are in a Supernatural War! We need to teach our kids that they don’t need to be afraid of satan and demons!
The Spiritual World is real. Demons are real. Satan is real. And they need to know it!
I talk with my kids regularly about spiritual warfare and putting on the Armour of God so they know that we need to be praying each day in order to fight against the schemes of the devil!
Teaching them the Word of God is so crucial and having them understand Ephesians 6:10-18 will give them the weapons of warfare they need in order to stand firm in their faith!

My Armour of God Lapbook

This Lapbook is a great resource because we are able to revise the Armour of God anytime we need to. The visual aids used in this Lapbook really kept the kids engaged and eager to complete the Lapbook – it took us about 3 days to complete it because there is a lot of work to be done. A lot of cutting and assembling. Their favourite part of the Lapbook was the Waterfall.

Using this Lapbook with the 2 older kids gave them a lot of opportunities to be able to read and study the Bible for themselves and see what the Lord is saying.

God speaks to His children through His Word!

It was amazing to me to witness God speaking to Shayla and RJ through this study and it was a great encouragement to them too!
Shayla has often struggled to get to sleep at night due to feeling afraid in her room by herself. On one of our study days, one of the Bible Verses was a Psalm about the Lord being our refuge in times of fear – it was a great teachable moment for her to see that the Lord knew her fears and He was reassuring her through His Word!
RJ has trauma-induced anger issues and he absolutely loves reading the Scriptures and being encouraged by God’s Word – I think that he has a better appreciation and understanding of the importance of SCripture because of his own struggles. I love to watch how God speaks to his heart whenever he learns something new from a devotion or a Bible Study.

Free Armour Of God Resources

Ministry-To-Children has a wonderful Free Resource – A 9 Lesson Unit Study on The Armour of God – “How To Win Against Sin”. They also have these Free Armour of God Colouring Pages.

Another great resource we used was this BRAVE Family Moments Unit but I am so sorry because I cannot remember what blog I found this on…I have written it down somewhere so I am hoping to find it so I can tell you where I got it from!!

This resource is amazing because it reinforced everything we were already learning through the Armour of God Lapbook, and her Bible Verse is the same as the one I had used in our Character Trait Poster and Notebooking Pages (see below).


The kids had fun leading each other on a trust walk.

A while ago, we purchased 4 small whiteboards for each Kool Kid and they are a perfect addition to our learning; we used them for writing out the Bible Verse we were focusing on. Click the link below to order your own from Amazon. It was a great way to keep Kool Kid Number Four, our toddler, occupied while we had our discussion and reading time. And as you can see, 5yo Ava enjoyed writing our Character Trait on her board and her Bravery Medal.

Character Traits Posters and Notebooking Pages – I Am Brave

You can purchase the Posters and Scripture Writing Notebooking Pages in Mum’s Sanity Saver Package!!

In order to help with the struggles of bedtime, we placed the Bible Verses by the kids beds so we could read them each night and focus on being brave and reinforcing the fact that God is always with us.

We also love to do Challenges in our Family so one of the fun Challenges we did in this Unit Study was “The $5 Bravery Challenge”

Watch the video of The $5 Bravery Challenge here on our Facebook Page – it was hilarious and a fun way to encourage the Kool Kids to be brave..and let’s face it, money is always a good motivator LOL!

Praise and Worship – Music and Movement

A big part of our lives involves singing, dancing and music; our Morning Routine always involves Worship Time after our Devotions and Prayer.

This song, Armour of God by Covenant Kids Worship was our go-to worship song every single morning, for about 3 months! It has a great beat and lots of fun dance moves – this one was a hit for all 4 kids.

And of course, the all time favourite, “I’m in the Lord’s Army” – this one was more of a hit with the littlies; Shayla and RJ loved this one when they were Ava and Jona’s age so they have obviously outgrown it.

If your kids like movement and dancing, praise and worship time will be so much fun for them! We like to pick songs that have actions so the Kool Kids can get up and dance as well as sing. As you can see, they love it!

There are many more resources that I have found on Pinterest, Amazon and various blogs and I intend on doing more on this subject in the future.

Another great Free Resource that I like to use in a lot of our Bible Study is Kids Of Integrity. I strongly encourage you to head on over and chek them out…here is the link for the Courage Hands On Activities.

Our kids love Hands On Learning so these activities are so much fun for us and we are all learning so much through them. I have been using Kids Of Integrity as a resource for over 6 years and I cannot fault them.

So there you have it, that was our Kids Bible Study on the Armour of God. Check out my Amazon Picks below and enjoy! A few years back, when I was teaching Sunday School I purchased the Armour Of God Playset Costume and that was a big hit with the kids; I plan on purchasing this for our younger kids because I know they will have so much fun with it!

Now, I’d love to hear from you…Have you studied the Armour of God with your kids? If so, what kinds of activities did you do? Or what other Kids Bible Studies have you done. I would love to hear your ideas!

Stand Firm and teach your kids about how to Stand Firm!

Love and Blessings,

Kala V Agius xx

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